Alicia J. Hill

I loved this & think you’re so inspiring to do this for solo moms! Congratulations on your successes!!!! I am proud to have been part of telling a story someone might need to hear!

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Rituals That Can Make You Mentally & Physically Strong – #1 Sauna

I have many rituals. First thing every morning, I pray. I then journal. And then I read the scriptures. This ritual gives me a springboard for the rest of my day. Many times I add meditation. As a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, I’m aware of the many benefits of this part of my ritual. This post contains affiliate links which…
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3 Secrets to Raising Successful Kids – SoloMoms! Talk Podcast Guests

I’ve struggled with the idea of raising successful kids recently. I wondered if I was any good at parenting. I’m learning that tying your identity to your child’s can prevent you from doing what’s best for them. The notion of not separating identities prevents you from fully letting go when it’s time for them to leave the nest. We know…
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