Don’t Let the Tweak Rob You of Your Joy


Scripture Reference:

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps”

Proverbs 16:9

Tweak: “sharp twist or pull” “Fine adjustment”


Life doesn’t always happen the way we planned it. And even with careful planning, the tweak happens. We get married with a promise of “til death do us part”. Then divorce happens.

Or tragedy happens in your carefully laid out life.

Sometimes the tweak is just fine adjustment. But we can miss it. And when we realize we’re off course it can cause regret, fear, and panic.

But at times the tweak is “a sharp twist or pull”. Death. Divorce. Loss of a job.

But two things will prevent loss of joy.

Recognizing that the tweak will happen – when we live with intention, we learn to adjust to the tweak. Because we are prepared for life to happen. It’s true some tweaks are harder to accept than others. It’s what make it hard to maintain any type of joy.

Understand that God is in control. Whether or not he is responsible for the tweak, he knows what’s best for you. Remember humans have a choice in how they act. So when our fellow humans mess up, we can’t blame God.

But we can rely on Him to give us grace or even fix what’s messed up. But the tweak happened. And so we get God’s help to handle its consequence.

The tweak is sometimes a blessing in disguise. Like the time a flat tire delayed you from being involved in a traffic accident or worse. Or when the Spirit prompt you to turn down a seemingly lucrative opportunity. Then an even better opportunity presented itself.

Yes, the tweak can throw us off and make us crazy. But when we realize that this is life. That the tweak will happen. We begin to respect the tweak.


You must learn to handle the tweak that happen even with our best laid plans. Our hearts want what it wants but God has a plan for you.

Even if you acted out when it happened. You can still make an adjustment. Ask God’s forgiveness and fall into His Grace. Because He only wants what’s best for you.

Let us pray: Heavenly Father we are glad that you know our hearts. Thank you for having a plan in place for us for when life gets difficult. We love you. Help us to cast our cares on you. Because you are our strength when we are weak. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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